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Chocolate MilkshakeA Milkshake is a classic cold beverage that is widely used in restaurants and homes throughout the world. Milkshake recipes typically involve milk, ice cream, and some type of flavoring such as chocolate sauce. The traditional method is to make a milkshake by hand, stirring all the recipe ingredients together. However to expedite the process, the blender has formed to be the number one tool when creating these fantastic cold drinks.

Hand blended milkshakes have the benefit of being made from any type of flavored ice cream. Traditional flavors have become vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Milkshake recipes that involve yogurt instead of ice cream, crushed ice, and some type of fruit have become known as smoothies. It doesn’t matter how you prepare your cold beverage as there are many varieties of ice cream and toppings to choose from. These days you will even see restaurants serving their milkshakes with cookies, pieces of candy bar, or even alcohol.​

If you were to travel to a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds, you may notice they make all their milkshakes through an industrial machine. These cylinders use coils that freeze the pre-made milkshake mixture and form it into the texture one is used too. Because of the amount of tanks that a milkshake machine will hold, the recipes are often limited to vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

The term milkshake first originated in 1885 in which these frozen smoothies would be made with whiskey. However, because this drink became so widely adopted it quickly adapted into the milkshake recipes we know today with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla syrups. Soon there after, malt shops started opening where kids could go hang out and enjoy a milkshake.

The electric blender is also closely tied into milkshake recipes. With the handmade milkshake, they were typically more in the texture of eggnog. Once the blender started to make these smoothie recipes, the texture became more of what we are used today with the whipped and frothy form.

Today, a milkshake recipe have the same great taste, but now are low fat. Most milkshakes and smoothie recipes have half the amount of sugar that when they first were created. In the 2000′s, dentists have even started to use forms of milkshake mixtures to help reduce anxiety with their patients. They are wonderful remedies for a sore mouth after a root canal.

Year after year, smoothies and milkshakes are on the rise in US Sales. The more inovative restaurants are becoming, the more varieties and flavors one has to choose from. A restaurant in LA is famous for a milkshake made with saffron, orange-blossom ice cream, roasted pecans, taro root, vanilla bean, and rum. These unique and tropical milkshake recipes are the next wave in the smoothie and milkshake revolution. However one can always go back to their roots with a classic and simple vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry milkshake recipe.

A smoothie recipe is typically a blended drink made from crushed ice, yogurt, and some type of fruit. They can often be mixed up with the milkshake as they have a very similar consistency, but are often a bit thicker. Health stores started this drink back in the 1930′s when Brazil started making banana and pineapple smoothies. The name smoothie is derived from a product that is made in a blender.

The United States started to adopt the smoothie in the 1970′s when a chain opened up called the Smoothie King. They began selling milkshakes and smoothies and by the 2000′s, the smoothie became a billion dollar industry.

The main ingredient for a milkshake recipe would have to be the ice cream. Ice cream is typically a frozen dessert made from milk and cream. When added with some fruits, syrup, sugar, etc…you get a great tasting milkshake. Ice cream is the process of combing milk, sugar, artificial flavourings, and natural ingredients. The overall mixture is stirred and cooled at the same time, crystalizing and forming that smooth texture.

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